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Matt Dahlstrom is an admired leadership and sales and expert and inspirational speaker. He can be found speaking to organizations, associations and audiences all over the world.


Matt Dahlstrom is a widely respected speaker, author and trainer, and a highly-sought consultant on employee engagement. Owner of The Bloom Group, a leadership consulting agency based in Denver, Matt works with industries large and small providing leaders new ways to enable their people to stop thinking like employees and take ownership in what they do. His newest book, BLOOM; Inspiring Ownership at Work has been praised as one of those rare books that defines the truth in business today!


The impact of engagement on organizational and individual performance can and will accelerate company growth. This program is designed specifically for business leaders who want to tap into the discretionary effort to change employee behavior and create organizational growth. Dahlstrom, who has dedicated 20 years to studying discretionary effort (the difference in the level of effort a person or group is capable of delivering versus the effort to only get by), uses a participative approach to workplace engagement: emergent behavior.

At the heart of high performing teams, emergent behavior creates unanticipated results because the leader has identified the groups’ needs resulting in performance beyond expectations, almost astonishing. Great leaders recognize it is their role to give employees what they need to not just succeed, but to flourish and thrive in an environment that rewards risk and engages people through responsibility.


Matt is a member of the Entrepreneurs' Organization, the National Speakers Association and has received recognition for his achievements in workplace development and employee engagement.

Keynote Topics

Inspiring Ownership at Work

Matt shares with leaders what every employee needs: Goals, Roles and Rope. At the end of the event, participants will be able to:

  • Deliver an encompassing message that will guide their teams towards common, believable, defined objectives resulting in better alignment and changed behavior.
  • Recognize that the combination of cognitive diversity and defined roles becomes the advantage to creating results.
  • Carry out new ways to create a culture of trust where responsibility becomes the standard and employees bloom.

Stop Thinking Like an Employee

Responsibility and trust need to be the standard. Good employees know they must take a responsibility in helping the company achieve its goals or else the company will not succeed. Matt shares with front line employees and managers how they must take the responsibility given to them to achieve more, grow and to stop thinking like an employee.